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Visual Merchandising & Property Styling Sydney

Property styling uses a range of presentation and design techniques to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers and maximise its selling price. By using a professional property stylist, buyers will seamlessly imagine their family and lifestyle fitting into this home, which may provide a competitive edge and a faster sale.

When it comes to visiting a property for the first time, every detail counts. Nail that first impression, and you will hopefully receive multiple offers above what your asking price but get it wrong and you may struggle to receive any offers or offers far below your reserve.

Property styling can include a few minor cosmetic alterations or adornments to beautify your home or can include a full-scale property styling for empty homes needing everything from small accessories to large furniture items.  Ken Moncrieff is a Sydney visual merchandiser that is highly experienced in enhancing the natural style of your property for inspections. He also can assist with property styling for print and online marketing campaigns to highlight your features and drive offers.

Terrace House, Bondi Junction, Sydney

European period styling