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Event Styling

When we think back on special occasions, our memories are linked to sights, smells, sensations and emotions. A well designed and structured event will encourage conversation, connection and emotion. Put simply: event styling is the difference between an event and an experience. Creating a cohesive, impactful event that matches the theme, tone and supports the brand is pivotal when organising an event for your business.

Professional event styling helps guests feel engaged, creates atmosphere and will help your event go off without a hitch. Ken Moncrieff has a demonstrated history of professional, Sydney based event styling with a focus on making every detail count.

Combing results-driven event styling principles with a deep understanding of your goals and vision, Ken Moncrieff will make your special event enjoyable, successful and memorable.

Australian Wool Corporation/ Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

A grand opening for one of Sydney’s most iconic buildings.

Mardi Gras, Sydney

Ken’s spectacular Mardi Gras floats have won multiple awards over many years.

Speedo Swimwear

In house product launch for staff, retailers and buyers.

Australian Wool Corporation, Sydney

Live fashion event, showcasing fashion retailers.